Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) through the ASPRS Foundation is pleased to offer the annual Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA). The purpose of this Award is to recognize developers of specific breakthrough technologies that causes major advances in the practice of photogrammetry, remote sensing or geographic information systems in the United States. Practicality is the essence of the Award and the selection committee evaluates candidates to determine:
  • An outstanding invention or design involving any type of development that applies to photogrammetry, remote sensing or geographic information management or,
  • Any outstanding method developed for the use of photogrammetry, remote sensing or geographic information.
The Award consists of a silver plaque and a cash award of $5,500. The presentation of the Award will take place during the annual (spring) ASPRS Conference.
The Award is for an individual or team of developers responsible for the innovation.  However, the award is not made to the companies, agencies, bureaus, or associations for whom they work.  The Award Selection Committee representing the commercial, academic, and government sectors of the ASPRS membership convenes annually to nominate and to review candidates for the Award.  Nominations must show specific breakthrough research or technology that enabled significant advances in the practice and applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing or geographic information systems.
The Selection Committee rates nominations for overall effectiveness, economic and scientific impact, innovativeness and extensiveness of use.