Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award

The Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award is conferred by ASPRS in recognition of special personal and meritorious contributions to continued organization promotion and/or delivery of workshops at the ASPRS Annual and Fall Conferences.

The Workshop Coordinator convenes and chairs a sub-committee that reports to the Awards Committee and is composed of a minimum of two additional individuals appointed by the President in consultation with the Awards Committee Chair and the Workshop Coordinator.  No more than one of the sub-committee members may be a member of the ASPRS staff. The sub-committee reviews nominations for this award and also consults previous evaluations or records of workshops.

Members of ASPRS who have taught workshops in multiple (though not necessarily consecutive) years are eligible for the award and need not have taught a workshop in the year in which the award is conferred. Awards may be made posthumously. Only workshops offered in conjunction with regularly scheduled ASPRS Annual and Fall Conferences are eligible. ASPRS staff and the Workshop Coordinator are not eligible for this award. Typically one award per calendar year will be conferred though ASPRS reserves the right to not make an award in years in which no one qualifies or to make multiple awards when deemed appropriate by the Outstanding Workshop Instructor Award sub-committee.

Awardee(s) shall be presented with a certificate and an inscribed laser pointer; in situations where workshops have been routinely jointly taught each person who substantially contributed will be given a plaque and laser pointer when deemed appropriate by the sub-committee.