Photogrammetric Award (Fairchild)

The Photogrammetric Award (Fairchild) is presented by ASPRS through the ASPRS Foundation with the support of Lockheed Martin. The purpose of the Award is to stimulate the development of the art of aerial photogrammetry in the United States.

The Award consists of a silver presentation plaque mounted on a walnut wood panel.  Eligibility to receive the Award is restricted to current ASPRS members who have been members for at least three years prior to the date of selection as recipient.

The selection committee may solicit nominations from the general membership or specific organizational structures such as the Divisions or Regions of ASPRS. The selection committee evaluates each nominee for his or her contribution during the year(s)   preceding the Award. The merits of candidates are considered by the Committee with respect to the following points:

  1. An outstanding invention or design involving any type of equipment that applies to the art of aerial photogrammetry.
  2. Any outstanding method developed for the use of aerial photographs and/or imagery. This does not relate only to the use of photographs for mapping but is intended in a general sense.
  3. Outstanding research for study along aerial photogrammetric lines.
  4. Outstanding effort for the general advancement of the art of photogrammetry.


The Photogrammetric Award (Fairchild) Recipients

1943- Gerald Fitzgerald

1944- Philip G. McCurdy

1945- Jasper E. King

1946- Earl Church

1947- Harry T. Kelsh

1948- no award given

1949- John V. Sharp

1950- Russell K. Bean

1951- Frederick P. Willcox

1952- Konstantin Pestrecov

1953- John I. Pennington

1954- Marvin B. Scher

1955- Dwin R. Craig

1956- Robert N. Colwell

1957- Hellmut Schmid

1958- Russell K. Bean

1959- Ludwig Bertele

1960- Gilbert L. Hobrough

1961- Bertil Hallert

1962- Heinz Gruner

1963- Uuno V. Helava

1964- Clarice L. Norton

1965- Morris M. Thompson

1966- G. Carper Tewinkel

1967- Gerhardus H. Schut

1968- Frederick J. Doyle

1969- Sidney Bertram

1970- Duane C. Brown

1971- Gomer I. McNeil

1972- Teodor J. Blachut

1973- Houssam M. Karara

1974- H. Dell Foster

1975- Edward M. Mikhail

1976- Everett L. Merritt

1977- Atef A. Elassal

1978- Michael A. Crombie

1979- Clifford W. Greve

1980- Duane C. Brown

1981- Roy A. Welch

1982- Vladimir Kratky

1983- Chester C. Slama

1984- Zarko Jaksic

1985- William C. Mahoney

1986- Lawrence W. Fritz

1987- Clive S. Fraser

1988- Hans J. Wehrli

1989- Maurice S. Gyer

1990- Franz W. Leherl

1991- Sherman S.C. Wu

1992- James R. Lucas

1993- James B. Case

1994- Armin Gruen

1995- David M. McKeown

1996- no award given

1997- John A. Thorpe

1998- Friederich E. Ackermann

1999- Gottfried Konecny

2000- Anton F. “Toni” Schenk

2001- no award given

2002- no award given

2003- Paul R. Wolf

2004- J. Chris McGlone

2005- Wolfgang Forstner

2006- Gordon Petrie

2007- George Y.G. Lee

2008- Donald L. Light

2009- Charles K. Toth

2010- Qassim Abdullah

2011- Ayman F. Habib

2012- Dean W. Merchant