Ta Liang Memorial Award


  • To facilitate research-related travel by outstanding graduate students in remote sensing.
  • Such travel includes field investigations agency visits participation in conferences or any travel that enhances or facilitates a graduate research program.


  • Graduate Student members of ASPRS.


  • A grant of $2,000 and a hand-engrossed certificate.
  • This award is presented by ASPRS with funding provided by a grant from the ASPRS Foundation on behalf of individual and corporate contributions to the Foundation in memory of Ta Liang a skilled civil engineer an excellent teacher and one of the world’s foremost air-photo interpreters.


In addition to the application form and two letters of recommendation applicants must submit the following items:

  • A 2-page statement detailing the plan for research-related travel and how it fits into the applicant’s research and educational objectives
  • An official transcript of all college-level courses completed and grades received class rank and if available scores on the Graduate Record Examination to demonstrate scholastic ability.
  • A description of the applicant’s extracurricular activities particularly as they relate to community service.

Award Selection:

The selection committee will evaluate each application applying necessary weights as indicated below:

  • 40% on the basis of scholastic record
  • 30% on the basis of the research travel plan
  • 20% on the basis of letters of recommendation
  • 10% on the basis of community service activities