William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship


  • To facilitate graduate-level studies and career goals directed towards new and innovative uses of remote sensing data/techniques that relate to the natural cultural or agricultural resources of the Earth.


  • Current or prospective graduate student members of ASPRS.


  • One year scholarship of $2,000 and a certificate.
  • This award is presented by ASPRS with funding provided by a grant from the ASPRS Foundation on behalf of individual and corporate contributions to the Foundation in memory of William A. Fischer a pioneer in the use of remote sensing from space for the study of the planet Earth.


In addition to the application form and two letters of recommendation applicants must submit the following:

  • A 2-page statement detailing applicant’s educational and career plans for continuing studies in remote sensing applications.
  • Official transcripts of all college or university level courses completed and grades received to demonstrate scholastic ability

Note: Submission of technical papers research reports or other pertinent items indicating applicant’s capabilities is encouraged but not required.

Award Selection:

  • Each item above will carry equal weight in the committee’s consideration.
  • The applicant who in the opinion of the majority of the committee has the highest overall ranking will be designated as the recipient.