Geospatial Revolution Film Project

The ASPRS Films Project, working through the ASPRS Foundation, supported the initial efforts, which eventually resulted in the Penn State Public Broadcasting (PSPB) Geospatial Revolution Project. The Geospatial Revolution Project launched September 15, 2010. All four episodes are now available to view here or at:

The mission of the Geospatial Revolution Project is to expand public knowledge about the history applications related privacy and legal issues and the potential future of location-based technologies.  Geospatial information influences nearly everything. Seamless layers of satellites surveillance and location-based technologies create a worldwide geographic knowledge base vital to solving myriad social and environmental problems in the interconnected global community. We count on these technologies to:

  1. fight climate change
  2. map populations across continents countries and communities
  3. track disease
  4. strengthen bonds between cultures
  5. assist first responders in protecting safety
  6. enable democracy
  7. navigate our personal lives


Episode 1 – Monitoring a Changing Climate

  • the origins of geospatial information and why we need it
  • a compelling story about the use of crisis mapping in Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

Episode 2 – Preventing Hunger

  • Creating an Interactive City
  • Powering Business
  • Finding a Healthy Future

Episode 3 – Tracking Disease

  • Mapping the Road to Peace
  • Waging Modern War
  • Staying Safe

Episode 4 – Mapping Power to the People

  • Monitoring a Changing Climate
  • Preventing Hunger
  • Tracking Disease
  • Mapping Power to the People

Please also check out the website for the upcoming Public Television project the GeoSpatial Revolution. Thanks to all the ASPRS regions sustaining and individual members who supported the initial ASPRS Foundation grant to Penn State Public Broadcasting.

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