ASPRS Aerial Data Catalog: The Source for Finding Aerial Collections

The ASPRS Aerial Data Catalog is a tool for locating aerial photography over the U.S. and international coverage areas, including details and contact information about individual collections. The Catalog currently uses a keyword searching system. As planned, search capabilities will be enhanced in the future with a geographic (map-based) search option.

Users of this Catalog are encouraged to enter information for collections of aerial photography not currently listed, even if the information is incomplete and/or approximate.

This service is a contribution of the ASPRS Data Preservation and Archiving Committee (DPAC). The Catalog is provided to the geospatial community, to enable discovery and access of the vast archives of historical and current aerial photography in a way never before possible. By providing a free hosting Catalog with no commercial interests, ASPRS and DPAC aim to make the Catalog the definitive resource for researchers and other users in the geospatial community and beyond. We hope this Catalog will contribute to the protection and preservation of aerial photography around the world.