Florida Region News – March 2018

Florida Region Election Results and Board Transitions

As we enter the 2018 year, the Florida Region has concluded their elections, in addition to some minor bylaw changes, needed to reflect the current organizational structure of ASPRS Nationals.

We would first like to commend outgoing President Al Karlin from the Southwest Florida Water Management District, for all of the great work and contributions he has made during his term in this position. Congratulations to Erin McCormick, of NEI, who is ascending into the role of the President from the Vice President position. Also, a big thank you to Jeff Young of Pickett who has concluded over 10 years as our Florida Region National Director.

Also, congratulations to Xan Fredericks, of the USGS, who will be serving as our new Florida Region Vice President. In addition, we have Keith Patterson of Dewberry and Brian Murphy of Pickett returning as Directors-at-large for the Board of Directors.

Congratulations everyone, and thank you to all of the Florida Region Members who voted.