American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting December 112-16 2016 San Francisco

As the AGU Fall Meeting 2016 abstract deadline approaches the organizers of Session EP039 welcomes your consideration of abstract submittal to The Resurgence of Photogrammetry in Earth Science Applications at the AGU Fall Meeting this December in San Francisco. The call for papers is now open through Wednesday 3 August 23:59 EDT.

Additionally the organizers hope you will help support this session and its collaborative opportunities by forwarding this announcement to a colleague whose work fits broadly within the use of photogrammetry for Earth science applications.

Session Description:
Photogrammetry the science of making reliable measurements and interpretations from imagery is currently enjoying a revival in multiple geoscience disciplines. Driven by technological advances over the past decade in flexible collection platforms (e.g. UAS) sensor packages processing software and spatial analytical tools researchers are now able to create high-resolution point clouds surface models and orthophotos in short timespans (hours to days) on small budgets. These significant advancements have facilitated recent widespread growth of digital photogrammetry for various research activities. These include but are not limited to change detection natural hazard response site characterization and monitoring and high-resolution topographic datasets. This session welcomes studies from across the geosciences that make use of photogrammetric methods for data collection interpretation or analysis. We particularly encourage presentations on earthquake science surface processes geologic mapping remote site characterization resource assessment and quantitative error analysis in order to facilitate productive discussion and promote collaboration.