October 15-17 2013 NASA HyspIRI Science Workshop Caltech Pasadena California

October 15-17 2013. NASA HyspIRI Science Workshop Caltech Pasadena California.

For more information visit: http://hyspiri.jpl.nasa.gov

The primary objective of this workshop will be to interact with the broad science community and review the HyspIRI mission concept as called for by the National Research Council in the Decadal Survey: Earth Science and Applications from Space.

The HyspIRI mission includes a global mapping imaging spectrometer and multispectral thermal instrument. The imaging spectrometer delivers complete measurements from 380 to 2500 nm at 10 nm sampling at high SNR for the entire terrestrial and coastal regions of the Earth every 19 days with 60 m sampling. The multispectral thermal instrument measures the same area at the same spatial scale in 8 bands between 3 and 12 microns every 5 days. A real-time direct broadcast of a subset of measurements are provided by the intelligent payload module.

We will review these science measurement characteristics as well as calibration product generation and validation plans including international collaborations.

This workshop will include sessions on the core HyspIRI Earth Science HyspIRI climate variability science as well as science applications called for by the NRC Decadal Survey.

– Earth Science
– Climate Variability and Response Science
– Science Applications
– International HyspIRI related science

We will also review different mission options to fulfill the HyspIRI science including nearer term Science and Technology demonstration options.

In 2013 The HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Science campaign has begun over-flying six geographic areas in California for three seasons (2013-2014) in support of 14 science investigators. These large areas span the wide ecosystem gradient of forests to desert spanning this region from the coast to the mountains of interest for climate assessment. At the workshop we will review the early results of this new HyspIRI related precursor science.

For the 2013 workshop at this time we would like to solicit contributions from you of science results (from both the US and international community) for oral and poster presentations at this HyspIRI science workshop.

If you would like to give a science presentation at the workshop please email the title and short description to Robert.O.Green@jpl.nasa.gov or Simon.J.Hook@jpl.nasa.gov.

Additional details on the workshop as well as workshop registration and hotel information will be available on the HyspIRI Website:


The reports from the Previous HyspIRI Science workshops are now on the website as well.

Inquiries about the HyspIRI Science Workshop should be directed to either Robert Green or Simon Hook.