IGTF 2015 Conference Proceedings

IGTF 2015 Proceedings
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New Airborne Thermal Imaging System for Mapping and Monitoring Pipelines
Stephen Achel

Spectral Analysis of Sillimanite Mineralization
Reda Amer
Hatem El Dosoky

Introduction to the U.S. Geological Survey Standards Database Explorer
Christy-Ann Archuleta
Kristin Fishburn Kevin McNinch Jennifer Walter LindaLiu

Distance Bitmask an Alternative Approach to Nearest Neighbor Distance
Eugene Polishchuk
Ryan Smith William N. Campbell

Traffic Sign Detection and Positioning from Google Street View Streamlines
Victor Tsai

A novel angular filtering based LiDAR point cloud classification
Partha Acharjee
George Toscano Venkat Devarajan

Cloud-Based LiDAR Visualization and Exploitation
Patrick Collins

Generation of wall-to-wall canopy height maps using heterogeneous lidar datasets over a large region
Ranjith Gopalakrishnan
Thomas; Valerie; Coulston; John; Wynne; Randolph

An adaptive ground-filtering technique for noisy high-altitude laser profiling data
Mahmoud Awadallah
Ranjith Gopalakrishnan Sherin Ghannam A. Lynn Abbott Randolph Wynne Valerie Thomas

Text Segments Recognition in Road Sign Images Using IRBP Method
Kyusoo Chong

Managing Large Blocks of Aerial Images
Poster Introduction
Poster 1
Poster 2
Michael Gruber
Bernhard Schachinger Rafaello Tomasi

Long term stability analysis for a multi-camera photogrammetric system
Ivan Detchev
Habib; Ayman; Mazaheri; Mehdi; Melia; Alexandra

Extracting Road Direction Information from Road Sign Imagery Taken by Mobile Mapping System
Junhee Youn
Gi Hong Kim Kyusoo Chong

PolSAR Speckle Filtering Techniques and Their Effects On classification
Mirmajid Mousavi
Jalal Amini Yaser Maghsoudi; Saeed Arab

An Accuracy Analysis of Large Resolution Images Captured with the Nikon D810 Digital Camera System
Ricardo Passini
R. David Day Wesley Weaver

Optimizing Hardware for Distributed Imagery Processing: A Case Study
Richard Day

Geometric Accuracy Test of the Newest Large Format Digital Aerial Survey Cameras
Erwin Kruck
Balazs Melykuti

Change Detection Analysis of Wetlands in Lower Mississippi River Delta
Reda Amer
Annelise Muscietta Alexander Kolker

Development of a Remote Sensing System for Rapid Post-Hazard Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure
Lloyd Coulter
Christopher D.Lippitt Douglas Stow Stewart Walker Hubiao Lan Richard McCreight

Estimating Ground Level PM2.5 Concentration in the Pearl River Delta Region of China using Landsat 8 and Ground Measurements
Yuenan Li
Jianjun Wang Jonathan Li Menglan Zhou

Enhancing discovery; search; and access of NASA hydrological data by leveraging GEOSS
William Teng
David Maidment, Matthew Rodell, Richard Strub, David Arctur, Daniel Ames Hualan Rui Bruce Vollmer Edward Seiler

Exploring the possibility of using MODIS image data for PM2.5 monitoring
Zhiming Yang
Harris Williams

Land Surface Temperature Changes by Land Cover Classification of Inlay Lake Area Myanmar
Khin Mar Yee
Dong Yoon Shin, Jinwoo Park Ho Hyun Jeong Chul Uong Choi

WC Appalachia Energy
Jordan Bates

SSC Mississippi Water
Benjamin Beasley

A complete spatial understanding using Geo Intelligent concept
Ophir Almog
Dror Steinmetz

Building Detection using EO Lidar and GEOBIA
Paul Pope
Lakshman Prasad

Mapping Forest Leaf Area Index Using Spectral and Spatial Information Derived from WorldView-2 Imagery in a Mixed Natural Forest Area in Florida; USA
Ruiliang Pu
Jun Cheng

Development of a smart device-based telemetry and photograping system for photogrametric UAV system of non-visible area
Jinwoo PARK
Minseok KIM; Khine Mar Yee; Chuluong CHOI

2D and 3D Mapping of a Littoral Zone with UAS and SfM Photogrammetery
Zac Giessel
Michael Starek

Target-based and Feature-based Calibration of Low-cost Digital Cameras with Large Field-of-View
Fangning He
Ayman Habib

An Adaptive Down-sampling Strategy for Efficient Point Cloud Segmentation
Yun-Jou Lin
Ayman Habib

Water surface elevation calculation using LiDAR data
George Toscano
Partha Acharjee Venkat Devarajan

Using GIS and spatial statistics for analysing health care facilities in Jeddah city; Saudi Arabia
Abdulkader Murad

Synergies of Remote Sensing with Social Science Tools for Participatory Management of Natural Resources
Abu Syed

HOOTENANNY: Web Enabled Geospatial Vesctor Data Conflation and Map Generation
Roberto Canavosio-Zuzelski
Joseph Governski, Jason Surratt Drew Bower Matthew Sorenson

Robust estimation of a multi-camera system motion parameters Using inter-camera mounting parameters
Mehdi Mazaheri Tehrani
Ayman Habib

An Improved Empirical Line Method of Radiometric Calibration for Unmanned Aircraft Systems-based Remote Sensing
Chuyuan Wang
Soe Myint Kevin Price, Huan Wang

Coastal Inundation Mapping: Results from Static and Dynamic Models of Storm Surge along Florida’s Northeast and Central Coast
Sandra Fox
Brandon Dees Ed Carter

Geological mapping using airborne thermal hyperspectral data in Antarctica
Martin Black
Teal R. Riley Graham Ferrier Andrew Fleming Peter Fretwell

On the feasibility of detecting Rare Earth Element (REE) deposits using remote sensing
David A. Neave
Martin Black Teal R. Riley Sally A. Gibson Graham Ferrier Frances Wall Sam Broom-Fendley

An approach to the transformation of point clouds into historical building information modeling models. Case of Study: Quincy Smelter in Ripley Michigan
Jorge Garcia Fernandez
Yushin Ahn Greg Martin

Object-oriented Classification of Wetland Vegetation in the Kissimmee River Floodplain
Lawrence Spencer

A study on efficient method for renewal of a national DEM using various survey results
Hae-ik Jung
Chang Seok-won Shin Seung-weon

Automated traffic sign extraction using mobile laser scanning data
Menglan Zhou

Smart Camera calibration for Photogrammetry application
Hohyun Jeong
Hoyong Ahn Jisun Choi Dongyoon Shin

Gradation Image Processing for Text Recognition in Road Signs Using Image Division and Merging
Kyusoo Chong

Estimating Rainfall using Neural Network Algorithm and Satellite Data for Agricultural Applications
Arif Albayrak
William Teng

Soil Moisture Estimation in Vegetated Areas Using Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing
Saeed Arab
Greg Easson A .K. M. Azad Hossain

Fresh Biomass Estimation in Heterogeneous Grassland Using Hyperspectral Measurements and Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Roshanak Darvishzadeh
Andrew Skidmore Mojgan Mirzaie Clement Atzberger Martin Schlerf

Human Footprint Mapping in Alberta: Using Remote Sensing Data to Monitor Status and Trends in Land Use Transformations
Branko Hricko

Satellite radar interferometry for high-precision detection of ground deformation at Aquistore carbon dioxide storage site
Sergey Samsonov
White Don

Agricultural biophysical parameters and the Tasseled Cap Transformation for RapidEye data
Maurice Schonert
Zillmann; Erik; Weichelt; Horst; Eitel; Jan U.H.; Magney; Troy;

Photogrammetric Approach to Aerial Thermal Survey
Qassim Abdullah
Raven McDavid Brandon McKenzi Darin David

Photogrammetrically Enhanced Plane Sweep for Point Cloud Densification with UAV Imagery
Megan Miller

Close-Range Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling of the MTU Husky Statue
Jeremiah Harrington
Bialas; James; Champion; Zachary; Chiabrando; Filiberto; Levin; Eugene

The Integrated Geoprocessing Workflows and Provenance Cycle
Jason Tullis
Xuan Shi,Jackson Cothren

Geospatial Time Series Model for Wetland Hydroperiod Analysis: Evaluation of Environmental Hydrologic Criteria in Response to Changing Conditions
Sandra Fox

Attention Driven Aproach for Geospatial Data Update and Fusion
Eugene Levin
Alexander Zarnowski Jessica McCarty Robert Pastel

A Tool for the Automated Detection of Damaged Transportation Infrastructure
Sean MacFaden
Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne

Object-based analysis and change detection of Minnesota’s wetlands over 100 years
Yan Wang
Joe Knight Keith Pelletier Lian Rampi James Klassen

Geiger Mode Lidar
Mark Romano

Overview of the COGO Report Card and GAO Report to Congress
Dr. Stephen DeGloria