Publishing Open-Access in PE&RS is Now Easier

ASPRS is changing the subscription model of our monthly journal, PE&RS. ASPRS is waiving open-access fees for primary authors from subscribing institutions. Additionally, primary authors who are Individual Members of ASPRS will be able to publish one open-access article per year at no cost and will receive a 50% discount on open-access fees for additional articles.

  • Open Access matters! By providing unrestricted access to research we can advance the geospatial industry and provide research that is available to everyone.
  • Institutions and authors receive more recognition! Giving permission to everyone to read, share, reuse the research without asking for permission, as long as the author is credited.
  • Reputation matters! Known for its high standards, PE&RS is the industry leading peer-review journal. Adding open access increases authors’ visibility and reputation for quality research.
  • Fostering the geospatial industry! Open access allows for sharing without restriction. Research is freely available to everyone without an embargo period.

Under the previous subscription model, authors and institutions paid $1500 or more in open-access fees per article. This will represent a significant cost savings. Open-access publications benefit authors through greater visibility of their work and conformance with open science mandates of funding agencies.