The Florida Region of ASPRS Supports Ten Students to Attend National Conference

The Florida Region of ASPRS has a long standing tradition of helping support students with travel subsidies in order to attend the National ASPRS conference. This year, with the help of the FL-ASPRS Andregg-Beazley Travel Scholarship and the sponsors for our Florida Region of ASPRS workshops, we will be awarding over $2200 to support travel.  The awardees are as follows:

  • Grace Plass (UF Geomatics)
  • Josh Misura (UF Geomatics)
  • Gerardo Rojas (FAU)
  • Anissa Williston (UF Geomatics)
  • Charles Schreiner (UF Geomatics)
  • Thomas DiMauro (UF Geomatics)
  • Stephen Castillo (FAU)
  • Matthe del Valle (UF Geomatics)
  • Daniel Hutton (UF Geomatics)
  • Zhen Guan (UF SFRC)

Also, UF Geomatics Graduate student, Zhen Guan, will also be presenting a paper entitled  “STRAWBERRY BIOMASS AND LEAF AREA INDEX MODELING USING GROUND-BASED IMAGE ANALYSIS”

The Florida Region of ASPRS Board of Directors is proud to help support these students.