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The Films Project is an ASPRS endeavour to document the history of our society and the mapping industry. It does so by conducting video and audio interviews of people in the profession and collecting historical photographs, documents and other media from such sources as the US Geological Survey and the Tennessee Valley Authority. To expand its sources it has created an online archive that allows members and the public to not only view the historical material but to also contribute to that collection by submitting electronic versions from their own personal archives. Most recently the Films Project also added “The Wall of Honor” – an ASPRS web site raises money for the ASPRS Foundation and this committee.  Those web sites are owned by individuals who have created them to honor those in the profession who they feel have made an important contribution to that profession. 

A summary description of the various activities of the Films Project is presented below. The descriptions also provide links to more detailed description of these endeavors.

Video-Taped Interviews

Since 2007, the ASPRS Films Committee has been conducting video interviews of individuals who have participated in the technological development and application of photogrammetry. In so doing, it is capturing the interesting and heart-warming stories and personal insights of the pioneers who made the profession the exciting and rapidly evolving industry that it is.

About a hundred such interviews have been conducted so far and plans call for a continuation of these interviews as funding and opportunity permit. Some of these interviews are available on ASPRS Online Archive.

The videos produced so far have served to create a series of one to two-minute vignettes that focus on various aspects of the map making history. The video vignettes may new viewed and shared via the ASPRS Films Viewer and/or the ASPRS YouTube Channel.

Audio-Taped Interviews

Interviews have been recorded via audio. Some of these interviews are available on ASPRS Online Archive.

The ASPRS Online Archive

The ASPRS Online Archive is a repository of historical assets relevant to photogrammetry and remote sensing. It derives its material from submissions by ASPRS members and interested members of the general public and includes electronic versions of photographs, movie films, videos, audio recordings, documents, and other media.  Learn more about and search the Online Archive.

The Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor is a project that uses an ASPRS-managed web site to serve as a gathering point for links to other web sites.  Those sites represent the creation of individuals or corporation who want to recognize and honor the achievement of others in the field in particular those who they feel have played an important role in the advancement of photogrammetry and remote sensing.  Visit and learn more about the Wall of Honor.

Films Project Committee Members

In early 2007, an ASPRS Films Committee was established to coordinate all the ASPRS efforts to document the history of our society and the legacy of its prominent members. The committee also consists of two subcommittees: (1) the Web Archive Subcommittee (WAS) and (2) The Wall of Honor Subcommittee.  The list of these members is shown here. 

Films Project Sponsors

ASPRS is pleased to recognize those who have generously contributed some of the funds necessary to create the various undertakings of the Films Project. The supporters are listed online.

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