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The ASPRS Films project began as a proposal to document the history of our society and the legacy of prominent members. The ASPRS Films Committee formed in early 2007 gathered historical photographs audio tapes and films from sources such as the Tennessee Valley Authority the US Geological Survey and personal archives.

In addition the committee developed a prioritized list of individuals to be interviewed on camera; six of these individuals were interviewed by Penn State Public Broadcasting (PBSB) in the early development stages of the Geospatial Revolution project.  View the ASPRS Film Archive.

In anticipation of the March 2009 ASPRS 75th anniversary celebration in Baltimore ASPRS retained an independent media production company The Important Story to develop a series of short videos on salient topics using the archive materials and PSPB interviews. Funding for the initial set of five videos was provided by ASPRS sustaining and individual member contributions.

Inspired by response to the initial set of videos the ASPRS Board of Directors approved funding for the ASPRS Films project to continue as an operational program.

The Geospatial Revolution Project launched September 15 2010 and four episodes are now available. Thanks to all the ASPRS regions sustaining and individual members who supported the initial ASPRS Foundation grant to Penn State Public Broadcasting.

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  • Contact us at if you:
  • have an idea for a 60-90 second short film
  • would like to nominate an individual to be interviewed
  • would like to join the ASPRS Films Committee
  • would like to become a sponsor of this project. All donations are tax-deductible.

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