2019 Conference Proceedings

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Session IDTitleLast NameFirst NamePaperPPT
12DGround Filtering of Dense Lidar Point Clouds for Modeling Shrub Mangrove CanopiesMeyerTravisDownload
12DLeaf Area Index Prediction of Sorghum Using Wheel-Based and Airborne Discrete-Return Lidar DataNazeriBehrokhDownload
12DA Machine Learning Framework for Modeling DEM Error from TLS in WetlandsNguyenChuyenDownload
12DOpportunities and Challenges of Launching UAVs within Wooded AreasSivanpillaiRameshDownload
12EGeometric Calibration and Validation of Digital Globe Space-Based High-Resolution Imaging InstrumentsCompChrisDownload
12EHands-Free Bundle Adjustment at Extreme Scale in the CloudHartungStevenDownload
12EReflectance-Based Calibration for the Digital Globe ConstellationKuesterMicheleDownload
12EPhotogrammetric Extraction of Shallow Water Depths from Satellite ImageryMiecznikGrzegorzDownload
12EBlock-Adjusted Solutions for Large-Area Mosaics Show Improved Absolute Map Accuracy ProductsProctorJonDownload
12FLidar-Determined Wave Breaking Type and Morphometric Properties in the Surf ZoneAlbrightAndreaDownload
12FDevelopment and First Flight of GTRI-Developed High-Performance Low-SWAP Airborne Lidar Bathymetry SystemCraneyThomasDownload
12FReal-Time Topobathy Mapping Including Total Propagated Uncertainty Using Waveform-Resolved Airborne LidarCraneyThomasDownload
12FRevealing Underwater Areas Using Bathymetric LidarYoungJamieDownload
12GMeasuring Irrigated Landscapes in California - A Systematic Approach to Moving from Land Cover to Land UseBrennerAndrewDownload
12HCollecting and Producing Lidar Point Clouds from Geiger-Mode Systems in Real-World EnvironmentsDamkjerKristianDownload
12HProducing Lidar Deliverables for Hurricane Supplemental Projects - A Case Study of Post-IrmaKlippEmilyDownload
12HAlaska - How the Last Frontier of America was Mapped with IFSARMauneDavidDownloadDownload
12HReal-World Performance Evaluation of Linear and Geiger-Mode Lidar in Hillsborough County FL.RomanoMarkDownload
14DRegistration Using Probabilistic Planar Matching with Application in Indoor MappingKusariArpanDownloadDownload
14DIncorporating Advances in Remote Sensing Virtual and Augmented Reality into Learning in the GeosciencesMaddenMargueriteDownload
14DSatellite Imagery and Pruning Management - A Revolutionary ApproachMagalhaesSirleneDownloadDownload
14DStockpile Quantity Estimation Based on UAS ImageryMoraOmarDownload
14DHelping Construction From Above - Unmanned Systems Pave the Way for Renewable Energy ProgressionSolidayBrianDownload
14DAtmospheric Correction Algorithms for Improved Settlement Mapping and Building Detection PerformanceWeaverJeanetteDownload
14EA System-Agnostic Global Lidar Normalization ApproachFafardAlexanderDownload
14ETowards Seamless Outdoor and Indoor MappingKoppanyiZoltanDownload
14EInvestigation on the SegNet Deep Neural Network for Aerial Image Segmentation and ClassificationKoppanyiZoltanDownloadDownload
14FImproving Elevation Models and Wetlands Mapping with OBIA and UAS Imagery in Coastal EnvironmentsBroussardWhitneyDownload
14FAssessing Separability of UAS-Derived Vegetation Indices for Detecting Plant Stress Due to Iron ChlorosisGarciaIsabelDownload
14FMapping and Monitoring of Coastal Habitats on Sapelo Island GeorgiaJordanThomasDownload
14FA Spatiotemporal Analysis of Vegetation Browning Following Recent Extreme Events on the Georgia CoastMaddenMargueriteDownload
14FNOAA C-CAP Transition to National High-Resolution Coastal Land CoverMcCombsJohnDownload
14FLandsat Images Reveal a History of Algal Blooms on Utah LakeTateShanaeDownload
14GThe Trusted Pixel Approach for Automatic In-Season Crop Type Classification with Landsat ImagesDiLipingDownload
14GDemonstration of Using a GeoOntology for Simulated Image Generation in Support of GEOBIAPopePaulDownload
14GRapid and Accurate Georegistration of Still and Motion Imagery on a 3D FoundationTiltonBarryDownload
14HWelcome and Opening RemarksAbdullahQassimDownload
14HTrimble Prepares for 2022BlantonJeffDownload
14HEsri Prepares for 2022KennedyMelitaDownload
14HPlanning for Change - Implementation of Future Standards at Blue Marble GeographicsKnightSamDownload
14HImplementation of the New American Datums for the National Flood Insurance ProgramRooneyPaulDownload
15DThe 4K Monitor as Zoom StereoscopeGustafsonGlenDownloadDownload
15DA New High-Performance Airborne Lidar System with Gateless MPiA AlgorithmsPanZhigangDownload
15DPhotogrammetric Calibration of the Phase One iXU-RS1900 Camera SystemPassiniRicardoDownloadDownload
15DLaying the Foundation for Improved Night Lights Time Series from the VIIRS DNBRyanRobertDownload
15EIf You Can Map It Here You Can Map It AnywhereONeil-DunneJarlathDownload
15EUse of GIS in Assessing the Potential Impact of Hurricane Frequency Scenarios Relating to Climate ChangeTwumasiYawDownloadDownload
15FCalibration and Stability Analysis for a Multi-Camera System Onboard a High-Vibration PlatformAldosariMohammedDownload
15FEnabling Ground-Based Materials Analysis and Identification Using Reflectance SpectroscopyCurtissBrianDownload
15FAn Adaptable Hybrid Fingerprinting System for Indoor Localization and Fingerprint Map UpdatingYangYuanDownload
15GStreet View Housing Survey and Sentinel 2 Green Space Inventory To Evaluate Gentrification In AtlantaAragonAmandaDownload
15GWorkflows for Image Orthorectification in Desktop Cloud and Web EnvironmentsBenkelmanCodyDownload
15GA Birds Eye View of the WorldGovindHarshDownload
15GImage Sharpening Effects on Photogrammetric Product QualityMassaroRichardDownload
15GMobile GIS and Remote Sensing App for Small-Scale Farming - A Case Study of Machakos County in KenyaTwumasiYawDownload
22DExperience as a Participant and Team Leader in NASA DEVELOP National ProjectsAragonAmandaDownload
22DScience Advisors Involved in NASA DEVELOP National Projects is Win-Win-WinMaddenMargueriteDownload
22EDeveloping Alternative Fuel Models with WorldView-3 to Estimate Fire Behavior in a Semi-Desert GrasslandEaglestonHollyDownloadDownload
22EEvaluating Seasonal Effect on Mapping Forest LAI Using Multiseasonal Pleiades Satellite ImageryPuRuiliangDownload
22EEstimating Long-Term Lake Dynamics with Landsat Imagery and Topography DatasetsWeekleyDavidDownload
22FCamera Self-Calibration in UAS Photogrammetry - When is it ViableFraserCliveDownload
22FsUAS Payload Calibration for Remote Sensing ApplicationsPagnuttiMaryDownload
22FA Pseudo-Rigorous UAS Lidar CalibrationRitelliMeganDownload
22HAdvances in Lidar Technologies - Status of Commercial Linear Geiger and Single Photon Lidar SystemsAbdullahQassimDownload
22HInformation vs Points - Towards a Better Assessment of Product Information and InterpretabilityDamkjerKristianDownload
23DUsing NASA EO to Map the Distribution of Russian Olive and its Impact on ET in the Colorado River Basin DavisKristinDownload
23DUsing NASA EO to Forecast Forest Risk to Beetle Attack for a Forest Bioenergy Feasibility Assessment LaRoeJillianDownload
23FAn Evaluation of Reflectance Calibration Methods for UAV Spectral ImageryAndersonJohnDownload
23FUAS-Based Mapping and Surveying Without GNSS Reference Stations and Ground Control PointsSobolSrdjanDownloadDownload
23FStereographic Compilation from UAS - An Accuracy and Feasibility StudyStallingsChristianDownload
23FEvaluation of UAS Lidar vs UAS SfM - A Case StudyStarekMichaelDownload
23GIntegrating Machine Learning into Vegetation Mapping to Increase Accuracies and Lower CostsGreenKassDownload
23GFuture Techniques Supporting NPS Inventory - UAS, Structure from Motion, and LidarJordanThomasDownload
23GMaintaining National Park Service Vegetation Databases Using Emerging Geospatial TechniquesMaddenMargueriteDownload
25DDeep Learning for the Extraction of Impervious Surfaces from High Resolution ImageryDattaMihirDownload
25DImplementation of GNSS/INS-Assisted Structure from Motion for a Thermal Camera Onboard a UASHasheminasabSeyyedDownload
25DAssessing Human-Elephant Conflict using GPS Tracking and High-Resolution ImageryMengNickDownload
25DA Novel Structured Light Reconstruction Method Using Combined Circular and Column Phase Shifting PatternsZhangYujiaDownload
25FCombining Nadir and Oblique Imagery to Address Distortion in UAS DataBastiasSabinaDownload
25FPhotogrammetric Data Classification for the Creation of Virtual Environments and SimulationsChenMeidaDownload
25FA Workflow for a Successful Drone Photogrammetry Mapping ProjectKrampfConnieDownloadDownload
25FDeveloping sUAS Based Optical and Thermal 2D and 3D Mapping Applications at the University of North GeorgiaSharmaJBDownload
25GOriented Imagery - A Data Model for all Other ImageryBeckerPeter
25GFrom 2D Map to 3D World - When Obliques and Modeling MergeMeironGuyDownload
25GAtmospheric Scattering in Satellite Imagery - An Investigation into Haze Mitigation TechniquesParkByungDownload
25GOn-Orbit Geometric Calibration of a SkySat - Methods and ResultsSmileyByronDownload
12EMulti-View Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment Method for High-Resolution Satellite ImagesQinDownload
14EA Comparison of Stereo-Matching Cost Between a Convolutional Neural Network and Census for Satellite ImagesQinDownload
13PUsing Orthophoto for Building Boundary Sharpening in the Digital Surface ModelLuPoster Download
24PLidar Analysis to Evaluate Relationships Between Heir's Properties and Bio-Fuel BuildupAragonAmandaPoster Download
24PPoint Cloud Sampling and Resampling StrategiesDamkjerKristianPoster Download
24PBiomass Estimation Using Lidar Data in North CarolinaAsmamawGebrehiwotPoster Download
13PApplying Cloud-Based Computing and Emerging Remote Sensing Technologies in Vegetation Management DecisionsVermillionMonicaPoster Download