Milwaukee 2011 ASPRS Annual Conference Proceedings


The following is the Table of Contents with links to the individual papers prepared for the conference proceedings from the 2011 Milwaukee Conference Annual Conference –

Ride on the Geospatial Revolution

which took place in Milwaukee Wisconsin May 1-5 at the Frontier Airlines Center.


 ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference

Modeling Riparian Zones Utilizing DEMs Flood Height Data,Digital Soil Data and National Wetland Inventory Via GIS
Sinan Abood and Ann Maclean

Object Recognition from Residual Vector Quantization Generated Fine-Grained Segmentation Maps
Syed Irteza Ali Khan and Christopher F. Barnes

A Geospatial Assessment of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations
and Their Effect on Forest Health in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Marco Allain Andrew Nguyen Evan Johnson Emily Williams Stephanie Tsai Susan Prichard Travis Freed and J.W. Skiles

Consequences of the Hughes Phenomenon on Some Classification Techniques
María C. Alonso José A. Malpica and Alex Martínez De Agirre

An Agent Based Modeling Approach for Representing Capuchin (Sapajus Spp.) Behavior in Brazil
Sergio Bernardes Allison Howard Eury Andrea Presotto Marguerite Madden Thomas Jordan Dorothy M. Fragaszy Patricia Izar and Yuri Tavares-Rocha

Spectral Analysis of Scotch Pine Infested by Sirex Noctilio
Nishan Bhattarai Lindi J. Quackenbush Laura Calandra Jungho Im and Stephen Teale

Photogrammetric Triangulation of 3D Cubic Splines
Keith F. Blonquist and Robert T. Pack

Real-Time Creation and Dissemination of Digital Elevation Mapping Products Using Total Sight™ Flash LiDAR
Eric Coppock Dennis Nicks Jr. Roy Nelson and Stephen L. Schultz

Near Real-Time Change Detection for Border Monitoring
Lloyd L. Couter Christopher D. Lippitt Douglas A. Stow and Richard W. McCreight

Building Roof Contour Extraction from LiDAR Data
Aluir P. Dal Poz and Edinéia A. S. Galvanin

Case Study of Beam Deformation Monitoring Using Conventional Close Range Photogrammetry
Ivan Detchev Ayman Habib and Mamdouh El-Badry

Dynamic Models in Support of Kalman Filter Based Registration of Video Imagery
John T. Dolloff

Potential of Using Automatically Extracted Straight Lines In Rectifying High Resolution Satellite Images
Ahmed Elaksher

Inventory of Vegetation Spectral Properties in the South Bay Salt Ponds:
A Database for Enhancing Decision Support and Restoration Mapping

Ann K. Elkins Wei-Chen Hsu Rachael Marzion Krysti Sukita Eve Minkin Brian Fulfrost and J. W. Skiles

Accuracy and Error Assessment of Terrestrial Mobile and Airborne Lidar
A. Fowler and V. Kadatskiy

Optimal Ranges to Evaluate Sub-Pixel Classifcations for Landscape Metrics
Amy E. Frazier and Le Wang

Creating and Using Very High Density Point Clouds Derived from ADS Imagery
Stephan Gehrke Robert Uebbing Michael Downey and Kris Morin

Quantification of Turbulence for Airborne Line-Scanner Images
Stephan Gehrke and Robert Uebbing

Results from Ultracam Monolithic Stitching
Michael Gruber and Richard Ladstädter

Automatic Registration of High-Resolution Images in Urban Areas Using Local Properties of Features
Youkyung Han Yongmin Kim Younggi Byun Jaewan Choi Dongyeob Han and Yongil Kim

Assessing Relationships Between Lidar-Derived Vegetation Structure and Butterfly Density
to Improve Butterfly Habitat Mapping

Anna Hess Michael J. Falkowski Christopher R. Webster and Amy Pocewicz

Combined Segmentation of Lidar Point Cloud and Registered Images
Xiangyun Hu Junfeng Zhu and Lizhi Ye

A Comparative Study of City Environment in Tianjin Area China and the Greater Toronto Area Canada Based on Multi-Factors of the Urban Ecosystem
Qingni Huang Huadong Guo Xinwu Li Zhongchang Sun and YiXing Ding

Mapping Pakistan 2010 Floods Using Remote Sensing Data
Ejaz Hussain Serkan Ural Abrar Malik and Jie Shan

On Chance-Adjusted Measures for Accuracy Assessment in Remote Sensing Image Classification
Shiguo Jiang and Desheng Liu

Fugro Geosar Airborne Dual-Band Ifsar Dtm Processing
Bert Kampes Megan Blaskovich James. J. Reis Mark Sanford and Kevin Morgan

Analysis of Temperatures Distribution of Forest Type Class Using Landsat Imagery
Joon Mook Kang Hee Cheon Yun and Joon Kyu Park

Simulated Lidar Waveforms for the Analysis of Light Propagation Through a Tree Canopy
Angela M. Kim and Richard C. Olsen

Building Footprints Extraction of Dense Residential Areas from Lidar Data
KyoHyouk Kim and Jie Shan

Object-Based Classification of an Urban Area Through a Combination of Aerial Image and Airborne Lidar Data
Yongmin Kim Youkyung Han Younggi Byun Jaewan Choi Dongyeob Han and Yongil Kim

Photogrammetric Small UAV in Geospatial Research and Education at Michigan Tech University
Eugene Levin and Stephen Curelli

The Response of Lake Variations to Climate Change in Tibetan Plateau in Last 40 Years
Jingjuan Liao Guozhuang Shen and Weidong Huang

Positioning for Next Generation Intelligent Transport Systems Services in Safetrip
Tamas Lovas Artur Wieczynski Maria Baczynska Arkadiusz Perski Imre Kertesz Attila Berenyi Arpad Barsi and Ashweeni Beeharee

Using Object-Oriented Classification to Map Forest Community Types
Meghan Graham MacLean and Russell G. Congalton

Some Techniques for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imageries
José A. Malpica María C. Alonso and Borja Rodríguez

Atmospheric Correction of Landsat Thermal Infrared Data: A Calculator Based on North American Regional Reanalysis (Narr) Data
Dennis McCarville Michaela Buenemann Max Bleiweiss and Julia Barsi

Application of Ground-Based Lidar for Gully Investigation in Agricultural Landscapes
Henrique G. Momm Ronald L. Bingner Robert R. Wells and Seth M. Dabney

Improving Forest Growth Estimates Using a Bayesian Network Approach
Y.T. Mustafa A. Stein and V. Tolpekin

Prototype Application of Nasa Missions to Identify Patterns of Wetland Vegetation Development
Within the South San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds

Michelle Newcomer Wei-Chen Hsu Erin Justice Liane Guild Dana Rogoff and J. W. Skiles

Modeling Sediment Deposition for Predicting Marsh Habitat Development
Michelle Newcomer Amber Kuss Tyler Ketron Alex Remar Vivek Choksi Karen Grove and J. W. Skiles

Lessons Learned in Emergency Remote Sensing and Bp Response During Deepwater Horizon
Arik Nir and Eatay Ben Shechter

A Test Result on Positional Accuracy of Kompsat-2 Pan Imagery
Jaehong Oh Changno Lee and Doo Chun Seo

Incorporating Contextual Information into Object-Based Image Analysis Workflows
Jarlath P.M. O’Neil-Dunne Sean MacFaden and Keith C. Pelletier

Fusion of Morphological and Texture Features for High Resolution Image Change Detection
Chris Padwick Fabio Pacifici Giovanni Marchisio and Nathan Logbotham

A Fast 3D Spatial Analysis Technique Using Graphic Process Units
Ji Sang Park Jong Min Lee Seung Yeob Lee and Sung Woong Shin

NASA Ames Research Center Climate Change Effects and Adaptation Research:
Hind- And Forecasting Flood Risk of NASA Ames Research Center Using the Basins Model

Katherine Pitts Ariana Gonzales Max Loewenstein Laura Iraci Cristina Milesi and J. W. Skiles

Techniques of Detecting and Delineating Archaeological Site Destruction Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery: An Iraq Case Study
Benjamin F. Richason III

Accuracy Enhancement of Object Based Image Classification Using Relaxation Labeling Process
for High Resolution Satellite Images

Imdad Rizvi Buddhiraju Krishna Mohan and Eeti Laxmi Narayana

Bridging the Gap Between NASA Hydrological Data and the Geospatial Community (large file size)
Hualan Rui William Teng Bruce Vollmer David M. Mocko Hiroko K. Beaudoing Joseph Nigro Mark Gray David Maidment and Richard Hooper

Combination of Object-Based and Pixel-Based Image Analysis for Classification of VHR Imagery Over Urban Areas
Bahram Salehi Yun Zhang and Ming Zhong

Object-Based Land Cover Classification of Urban Areas Using VHR Imagery and Photogrammetrically-Derived DSM
Bahram Salehi Yun Zhang and Ming Zhong

Automatic Tie-Point Extraction Using Advanced Approaches
Ziv Schragai Asaf Even-Paz and Itay Klein

Automating the Correction of Usgs Digital Elevation Models Using Fourier Analysis and the Mean Profile Filter
Yusuf Siddiqui

Wyomingview Applied Remote Sensing Research Activities in the Era of No-Cost Landsat Data
Ramesh Sivanpillai

The Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Geolocation Accuracy of the Digitalglobe Satellite Constellation
Byron Smiley

Effect of LULC Change on Surface Runoff in Urbanization Area
Zhongchang Sun Huadong Guo Xinwu Li Qingni Huang and Daowei Zhang

The Role of Surface Complexity in Airborne Lidar Product Error Characterization
Charles Toth

Classifying Compressed Lidar Waveform Data
Charles Toth Sandor Laky Piroska Zaletnyik and Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska

Ultracam: The New Super-Large Format Digital Aerial Camera
Alexander Wiechert Michael Gruber and Martin Ponticelli

Interop Network to Support Geospatial Data Semantic Interoperability
Nancy Wiegand

Spatio-Temporal Visualization of the Influenza a (H1N1) Pandemic
Heather Margaret Wiles and Rifaat Abdalla

Assessing the Effects of Geospatial Features on Bird Strike Occurrences at Selected Airports in the U.S. (large file size)
Frederick K. Wilson and Judy Jackson-Pringle

Remote Sensing of Barley Stressed with Co2 and Herbicide
Sani Yahaya Michael Steven and Giles Foody

Photogrammetric Solutions of Non-Standard Photogrammetric Blocks
Dor Yalon

An Effective Realtime Updating of Road Facility DB
Using Digital Camera with a Built-In Bluetooth and DGPS

Hee Cheon Yun Joon Kyu Park and Min Gyu Kim

Digital Photogrammetry Grid (Dpgrid) and its Application
Jianqing Zhang Zuxun Zhang Tao Ke Yongjun Zhang and Yansong Duan

Triangulation of Spaceborne Three-Line Array Imagery with Different Sensor Models
Yongjun Zhang Maoteng Zheng and Tao Ke

Proceedings Addendum

The following materials were submitted after the Conference Proceedings CD was prepared.

Mapping Solar Potential Obstructions using Lidar Data
Krista Amolins David Coleman Yun Zhang Peter Dare

Using SAR to Characterize the Winter State of Ponds and Lakes (very large file size)
Don Atwood Jess Grunblatt Bob Schuchman and Liza Jenkins

libLAS: Open Source Point Cloud Processing
Howard Butler

The Video Production Process
James B. Campbell

An Enhanced Wetlands Classification Using Object-oriented Classification Methodology:  An Example from British Columbia Canada (large file size)
Chad Delany Dan Fehringer Frederic Reid Aaron Smith Kevin Smith Ruth Spell Al Richard
and Eric Butterworth

Oil Spill Detection by Satellite Images Using Sequential Detection of Change Test (large file size)
Ehab A. Etellisi and Yiming Deng

Multiple Sensor Platforms (large file size)
Ananda Flowler

A Comparison of Laser Scanners for Mobile Mapping Applications
Craig Glennie and Jerry Dueitt

Feasibility of Spatial Resolution and Herbaceous Category Improvements to the Cropland Data Layer (large file size)
David M. Johnson

Analysis of Temperatures Distribution of Forest Type Class using Landsat Imagery
Joon-Mook Kang Hee-Cheon Yun and Joon-Kyu Park

Object-based Classification of an Urban Area Through a Combination of Aerial Image and Airborne Lidar Data
Youngmin Kim Youkyung Han Younggi Byun Jaewan Choi and Dongyeob Han

The NASS 2010 Cropland Data Layer (large file size)
Karla Koudelka

Mapping Evapotranspiration for Water Administration in Idaho (large file size)
William J. Kramber Anthony Morse Richard Allen and Ricardo Trezza

Coastal Applications of WorldView-2 High Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery (large file size)
G. Marchisio G. Miecznik F. Pacifici and C. Padwick

Evidence of Improved Vegetation Discrimination and Urban Mapping using WorldView-2
Multi-Spectral Imagery
 (very large file size)
G. Marchisio C. Padwick and F. Pacifici

Lidar Density and Spacing Specification Version 1.0 (large file size)
Michael Naus

An Automated Method to Estimate In-flight Image Quality Parameters from High Spatial Resolution Imagery (large file size)
Mary Pagnutti and Robert E. Ryan

Findings in High-speed OrthoMosaic
David Piekny

The History of the “Geospatial Revolution” and ASPRS Films Project
Karen Schuckman

Assessing Remote Sensing Techniques for Measuring Vegetation Phenology (large file size)
Jonathan B. Thayn

Pre-analysis of Camera Calibration Effectiveness (large file size)
Henry J. Theiss

Analytical Methods to Assess the Geometric Fidelity of a Sensor Model (large file size)
Henry J. Theiss

ASPRS Films Committee and the Archive (large file size)
Alan Voss

3D Images and Their Applications
Zheng Wang

Coupling 6S Correction for SEBAL Evapotranspiration Estimation in
Lower Colorado River Basin

Xiaofang Wei Subramania I. Sritharan Andre Morton Keith Farrow Andrew French David Ekhardt John Osterberg
and Doyle Watts

Identifying Corn and Soybeans Based on Phenological Profiles (large file size)
Zhengwei Yang Claire Boryan and Liping Di

Texture Region Extraction from Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images by Classifying Local Spectral Histograms
Jiangye Yuan DeLiang Wang Jung-kuan Liu Lin Yan and Ron Li

An Effective Realtime Updating of Road Facility DB using Digital Camera with a Built-in Bluetooth and DGPS (large file size)
Hee-Cheon Yun Joon-Kyu Park and Ming-Gyu Kim

Change in California Farmland using Cropland Data Layer: 2007 vs. 2009 (very large file size)
Audra Zakzeski